Dialogue Diversity is also a hosting organization established in Portugal. We examine trends in education and business to forge new projects focused on young people’s professional needs to realize their full potential by a training experience abroad.
We are based in the centre of Portugal, on the coast, where we have created good partnership relations with companies, schools and universities. Our aim is to build good opportunities for young people’s skills development. In this part of Portugal there are high profile companies and organisations, leaders in their specific sectors.
The work experience in Portugal, with special focus on Aveiro Region, is an on-the-job period adapted to the individual’s needs and abilities. Each candidate will be placed in a hosting company in line with training objectives of his/her Learning programme, planned between Dialogue Diversity and the sending organisation. During the language course, each candidate is prepared to face a short meeting with the supervisors at their future work place.
This is an opportunity for Dialogue Diversity, tutor, the hosting manager and candidate to meet each other and to define a “training action plan” in order to realize a progressive training programme for each candidate.
The candidates’ tasks will be related to their education, vocational training, linguistic, professional background and personality.

Organization of Internships

Beneficiaries Language Training

People who are entering into the labour market, who are unemployed or wish to take advantage of educational or professional formation.
Few weeks of a language course is a requirement for the beneficiaries to develop their language ability in a Portuguese speaking environment. This is facilitated by specialised
teachers, who take account of individual language needs in order to prepare each candidate to an adequate status prior to the commencement of the work experience in the hosting company. Beside the daily four hours language class, they are expected to develop their linguistic skills in daily real life situations. Beneficiaries are immersed in the language and culture of Portugal. D.D. is situated in the heart of Portugal, on the coast of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, not far from Porto, Coimbra, Braga, Guimarães or Viseu and two hours by train from Lisbon.


For each group of beneficiaries, D.D. nominates a tutor who will be the main candidates’ supervisor and assessor for the entire duration of the programme. During the work experience, a nominated hosting company tutor within the company management will monitor and assess the learning programme progress of the trainee.
Language Certificate, Work Experience Certificate, Letter of Reference, Europass Mobility.

Cultural Events

Cultural events and initiatives are an integral part of the beneficiary’s experience. They are excellent opportunities to expand on educational opportunities by learning beyond
the language class. Focus visits can be tailored for groups of candidates. The tours are pitched at the appropriate level by guides.

Final Certifications

Language Certificate, Work Experience Certificate, Letter of Reference, Europass Mobility.